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By Jamie Cudjoe
If you suffer with allergies in the Midwest you are not alone. Many people must deal with sneezing, coughing and itching. In addition, food allergies can cause a host of digestive problems like diarrhea, rashes, and feeling poorly. However, help is available from your local Chesterfield MO allergist and you could be feeling much better soon.

Most people believe that all allergies are a result of the immune system overacting to certain substances. This is true in some cases. For example, dust and pollen can cause itchy eyes and sneezing, brought on by the immune response. However, many reactions are caused by foods and are not caused by your immune system.

Your local holistic allergist can help you with many non-immune response allergies. With AAT therapy, you may notice fast relief. AAT stands for Advanced Allergy Therapeutics and the entire process does not involve the use of injections or drugs. It will not cause you pain and it is very safe to use.

The principles of AAT are simple. Some foods affect specific organ systems in the body and they become irritated. This can cause problems like heartburn, diarrhea and hives. AAT returns the organ systems to normal with safe and effective pressure designed to stimulate the offended organ system. This can help to relieve many symptoms.

AAT helps to relive stress on a certain organ system and this can take away the allergic reaction for many people. However, AAT is not about immune response and allergies, but specific sensitivities the body develops to things. Many allergic problems can be helped, like asthma, hives, fatigue, and hyperactivity.

You might be unaware that you are sensitive to many things you encounter on a daily basis. For instance, the foods you eat, pets in the home, cleaners you use, or even the clothing you wear, could be causing you problems. Your holistic allergy therapy can help you feel better naturally, and it may only take a few sessions.

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Holistic Allergy Therapy Options From Your Chesterfield MO Allergist

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