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By Kathleen Mitchell
Those individuals who are at risk of contracting flu are given flu injections so that they remain protected. Priority is given to those individuals who are at risk and usually, old people, people with health problems and those who care for others are considered to be at high risk. You will come across health organizations working in the area of Washington DC who offer flu vaccine DC for free but you have to qualify to get it for free.

Individuals who are overall healthy, are affected by flu to a minimal level and its highly unlikely that they incur any complications. Whereas, those individuals who have a weakened immune system are likely to get affected in a very severe way. Pregnant women, individuals with already weakened immune system and old people are regarded as high risk patients.

This vaccination is available annually which means, you will have to get a flu jab every year. Your hospital or the clinic where you are registered will call you or post you a letter letting you know when your appointment has been made. It takes just a couple o minutes to get your appointment done and you will be safe from such illness all year long. Even if you contract flu, it will be of mild nature.

This vaccine is regarded as the best option for tackling such illness especially among those who are regarded at high risk to contract flu. There are studies that suggest that although you are protected against such illness but still, there are viruses that could cause harm and it depends on an individuals immune system that how it responds to the vaccination given to him.

There are further studies that reveal, those individuals who regularly get this vaccination are more likely to be protected from having a stroke. So, in a way it not only protects you from getting ill but it is also good for your health in the long run. In order to ensure you are protected, you will have to get it done every year.

With each solution, there are related symptoms. To the extent genuine reactions are concerned they are extremely uncommon. The regularly analyzed symptoms incorporate fever and muscle torment for a couple of days yet gradually your body gets fit as a fiddle.

Early October is the best time to have your vaccine because you will be protected right from the beginning of the season as the flu virus is more active during the cold weather which starts from October and ends around early March. If you missed a couple of months then you will have to ask your doctor because during the end of the season, usually the vaccination gets out of stock. So, its better to get an appointment fixed as early as you can so that you don’t miss out on your vaccination.

Each year’s vaccine is made from scratch so there are different batches for each year and the recommendations are provided by the World Health Organization. Every year there are new viruses that could cause such illness and the vaccines are made accordingly to protect you against those harmful viruses.

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