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By Roger Foster
Laser therapy for the management of skin conditions is a practice that continues to gain popularity by the day. Total laser resurfacing is today the preferred method of reducing wrinkles and superficial lines from the skin. Compared to other modalities used for the same, it is less painful, leads to more rapid recovery and is associated with less side effects. We will explore a number of things Cincinnati residents need to consider if they plan to undergo the procedure.

This treatment is directed at the uppermost layer of the skin, the epidermis. The laser beam destroys most of the collagen tissue found in this region. As healing takes place in the subsequent weeks, new collagen fibers are synthesized resulting in tighter and smoother skin. The number and prominence of periorbital lines, perioral lines, scars and skin pigments. Therapy is individualized since the problems greatly vary from one patient to another.

Virtually anyone who desire better looking skin can be a candidate. There are no known major contraindications. Once you have consulted with your doctor and expressed your desire to have the procedure, a number of instructions will be issued. For instance, you need to avoid foods or drugs that are likely to increase bleeding. These include vitamin E and drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. You should also avoid smoking for at least two weeks.

There is usually no need for admission to a facility as the treatment can be easily carried out in an office. There is very little preparation that is required. Light topical anesthesia may or may not be required depending on the sensitivity of the affected skin. A session lasts for between 30 minutes to one hour but may be longer or shorter depending on the extent of the problem and expected results.

One session is adequate for a majority of people. A few people exhibit a minimal response and require additional treatments before the required changes are seen. Any additional changes are usually administered at intervals of 6 weeks. This is necessary as it gives the collagen tissue (in the epidermis) time to regenerate.

For light skinned individuals, there is often a residual pink or red color over the treated area. The color normalizes within two to three months (a little longer in fair skinned people). These areas can be covered by oil-free, green based makeup if they are a major concern. For persons with darker skin tones, the main side effect appears to be formation of dark pigments. A small amount of a bleaching agent used before and after the procedure helps mask these changes.

Dressing is not a must. However, you need to have a number of recovery products as you go home. These include emollient creams, antibiotics, a gentle cleanser and sun block. The treated areas should be cleaned daily (at least three times) for about three weeks. These measures help to reduce the risk of scab formation.

Just is the case with many other forms of cosmetic procedures, the results of laser resurfacing are not uniform among individuals. It should be known that some people take longer than others to show a change. Patience is key to success as is the need to follow the instructions that are given by the doctor.

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