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By Marie West
Lyme disease is usually a complex kind of infection. Most people become infected after a bite by ticks. Recently, there have been findings that even spiders, mites, fleas and mosquitoes carry the parasite. Once it bites an individual, it will settle in skin, joints, heart and the nervous system. These are the symptoms that show that this individual already has compromised immunity. Those affected should look for Alternative Lyme Treatments for complete cure.

Most of the individuals diagnosed with this ailment tend to complain of muscle and joint pains and flu. These even worsen as time passes. This disease will become a big long term issue that also affects immunity. The concerned people can undergo several tests. Popular ones are ELISA and western bot. These work by measuring the specific antibodies. It is not a sure test. One cannot make conclusions here.

There are immune boosting mushrooms that tend to activate the immune system. These include the reishi, maitake and cordycep. The mushrooms will boost intracellular antioxidants which are named superoxide dismutase. They protect the body cells. They also have the function of increasing the efficiency of the natural killer cell. This is important in elimination of the dangerous bacteria.

These patients are also advised to take vitamin D3. It naturally boosts their immunity. These people should consider taking supplements summing up to around 5000IU daily. They will be very important for individuals who are living in northern hemisphere. They do not become exposed to much sunlight. Bone broth is rich in proline and glycine. They are important in repairs of the gut. There is eventual enhancement of the immune functions.

As you try to eliminate this disease, you have to find ways of improving the cell protection and functions. The bacteria here along with other parasites and viruses will tend to attack the cells weakening your defenses. You should know the right foods to include in your diet. Foods rich in B complex vitamins help in supporting the cell functions. Eventually you will be able to fight infections and also improve the neurological health.

They are also advised to take foods rich in Omega 3. They have anti-inflammatory properties. They also function to support the cell and neurological functions. This is adequate in the wild fish. Fish oil also provides enough of this. Most of these cellular functions can be boosted by magnesium. Utilization of turmeric will contribute to more protection of cells. The disease will be completely eliminated.

These people are also advised to reduce stresses. Emotional stress tends to compromise most of the body immune functions. It also causes a lot of hormone imbalance. There will be possible spread of the infection. If you are bothered by stresses, ensure that you have settled down to ensure a quicker healing. Ensure that you have rested enough.

Many of the concerned individuals first go for the option of antibiotics in elimination of this disease. The problem here is that these regimens do not completely cure the sick individual. This entire condition will not be eliminated by antibiotics. They have another disadvantage of weakening the immunity. This even worsens the infection. There will be more spread eventually.

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