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By Sarah Harris
Lyme disease has swept the United States from coast to coast and border to border. People rightly fear this tick-borne illness, whose lingering effects can change the quality of life for all ages. Medical tests and treatments frequently fail, so many have turned to alternative Lyme therapies.

Large doses of antibiotics, which is the medical response, prove helpful when the condition is diagnosed immediately. However, those who have had the illness for months or even years don’t respond as well to this conventional treatment. Antibiotics taken over an extended period also kill beneficial intestinal flora, so these essential organisms must be replenished by a long-term program of probiotic supplements.

Herbs have been used for centuries to help fight illness of every kind. If Lyme has ‘left behind’ mental fuzziness, fatigue, and joint pain, you may want to use one of the herbs proven to give relief. Actually, Lyme is caused by a spirocete rather than a regular bacteria, so antibiotics are not fully effective. The spirocete will go dormant if it detects a threat and emerge from tissues and organs when the body’s defenses are weak. This makes it very hard to eradicate the disease.

Herbs have been shown to be both safe and effective by centuries of use and by recent clinical tests. Of course, they must be used properly. Even water can be toxic if taken in excessive amounts. One herb used to treat Lyme’s symptoms is Samento, a special preparation of cat’s claw in which some components have been inactivated. Many use Samento alone, without antibiotics, if they are bitten by a tick; millions feel that they have averted or cured the disease in this way.

Teasel, a roadside herb of the eastern part of the United States, can be bought on the internet or harvested from the roadside. Remember that traffic leaves a lot of heavy metal contamination behind, so choose plants from lightly-traveled roads or from fields. You can recognize the thistle-like plant by the pineapple-shaped flowering seed heads at the top. The roots are soaked in vodka for a DIY remedy, and you can find dosage guidelines online.

Of course, the internet can give bad advice as readily as good. Look for at least four reputable sources that suggest the same protocol for the use of any herb. (An herb, by the way, is merely a plant rich in vitamins, minerals, and therapeutic substances.) If you find four or more recommendations that agree, you will be more confident about trying this approach on your own.

There are other helpful therapies. Any immune system booster will help your body fight this pathogen. Monolaurin, a derivative of coconut oil, is a substance that helps rid the body of all disease-causing organisms. There are many groups and websites devoted to helping people cope with this illness and its debilitating effects.

Above all, do not ignore your body’s signals of distress. You might be able to put up with stiff joints and fatigue, but research has shown that Alzheimer’s and dementia can result from letting this illness go untreated. Some link all degenerative conditions, like Parkinson’s, MD, and MS, to this disease, which can also be spread by fleas and mosquitoes.

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Benefits Of Alternative Lyme Therapies

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