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By Harold Baker
Any supervision is never designed to be very punitive. The intention is never to cause any tension or anxiety. However, you can bet that the last result is always the anxiety itself. You need therefore to reframe your classroom walkthroughs to reduce all this tension from the teachers. These can be defined as the regular practices that the instructional leaders and school administrators perform to improve the performance of their staff teachers.

There are various components in the walkthrough, which are highly practiced. They include informal and brief examination, taking snapshots during the class sessions as well as concentrating on the feedback about performances on the teaching process. Considering different factors before conducting this activity is very important. This will create an enabling environment for the whole course.

Winning the support of heads and staffs in that institution can help you very much. Ensure that you get the whole administration behind your back before you start up the exercise. If the whole staff accept to be with you in this entire process, your exercise will be very enjoyable. Meet them and discover their different notions. Getting the different view will help you know what you expect as you conduct the classroom walkthrough.

Explain the whole process to the staffs to keep them equipped with the relevant information about the practice. Many class teachers take walkthroughs as threat and not all the teaching staffs will buy your idea of the activity. You therefore have the mandate to explain every aspect of this exercise. It will help come up with the appropriate model to administer. Knowledge is power and you need to deliver that to them.

Trust is the core factor in conducting any practice. Explaining every single aspect of this procedure will facilitate the creation of trust between you and the staff. Transparency gives birth to trust and being clear about every piece of this process is important. Make sure that you will not leave any stone unturned in your explanation. Seek information should be allowed to the teachers.

Your plan should have an appropriate scheduling of the activities from the first day to the end of this activity. Setting appropriate dates is what matters most. It is not good to give the staffs a surprise visit. Instead, ensure that they know when the practice will start and how it will end. Allow the individuals to ask questions about the activity to ensure that they get the appropriate information.

The other important aspect you must consider is encouraging the staff to volunteer in this walkthroughs. This will helps in creating and building trust in implementation of different processes and getting the referral for other participants. You also need to understand that you are here for the students thus student learning is what is paramount not the teachings.

After the walkthrough process, organize for a post observation meeting. Creating appropriate time for this exercise is what matters most. This should not interrupt the learning procedure of that institution. Set time outside the learning timetable and get to hear the most important ideas about the exercise. Putting the appropriate objectives first throughout entire summit is necessary. Avoid evaluative and judgmental talks.

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Tips On Reframing Classroom Walkthroughs

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