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By Lance Thorington
Every case of back pain is not due to a slipped disc, which is also referred to as a herniated disc or torn disc. Chiropractic care is most appropriate for dealing with this condition. Consulting a prominent Kent Chiropractor for assistance in alleviating the pain caused by the condition is often the optimal choice.

The spine is composed of a series of small hollow bones called vertebrae. They serve as protection for the delicate spinal cord encased within. Between them is a disc which serves as a shock absorber as the normal movements of the body are carried out. Without these gel-filled discs the spine would be inflexible.

The semi-liquid of the discs is encased by a fibrous outer layer. This outer shell is susceptible to small tears or large herniations that bulge out between the vertebrae. The hurting results from these herniations impacting the sensitive spinal nerves that are in close proximity. The pain ranges from moderate to excruciating depending on the severity of the hernia.

Chiropractic care is effective in alleviating the pain of this condition. Your initial appointment will start with an exam. A medical history is taken and the spine is examined. There are also range of motion and strength tests. An x-ray may be included. This assessment will allow the chiropractor to plan your care in the most advantageous way.

Relating how the pain affects you will clarify how severe the hernia is. You may feel tenderness, stiffness and an inability to move your arms fully. It may be difficult to walk. Your skeletal system will lack strength and flexibility.

After your condition is confirmed, the chiropractor can outline your care. Spinal adjustments, done over time, are effective in combating herniation. You may have an exercise routine created for you to do at home. This will help to maintain flexibility as you improve. An exercise program will be useful in maintaining alleviation of the pain a slipped disc can cause.

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Learn How A Kent WA Chiropractic Office Alleviates Slipped Disc Pain Using Various Methods

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