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By Haywood Hunter
As technology advances and so have beauty products advanced. It has been known for decades now that over-exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun could cause serious skin issues. Using a quality tanner is a good alternative to spending hours basking in the sun. The tricky part will be finding a product that is an excellent match for your skin, needs and preferences. There is a plethora of aspects including your skin complexion that have to be considered in detail in order to find the best sunless tanner.

Knowing your options will be the most basic step. While tanning lotions are the most popular, you could also opt to choose sprays, wipes and even gels. In order to identify the kind of bronzer that is best for you, you will need to consider your self-application skills, your objectives and also your personal preferences.

Gone are the days when people had to visit the spa if they wanted to get a sunless tan. With the numerous options you would have even novices in using tanners can effectively handle the application process and achieve an even and attractive tan. For a beginner, moisturizers or wipes would be the most ideal. They are low in dihydroxyacetone and therefore they react slowly enabling one to carefully spread out the tanner within good time.

Achieving a golden glow is not rocket science. All it takes is to ensure that you evenly spread out your product. Make sure that you use a moisturizer on tough skin such as the elbows in order to ascertain that the outcome is smooth all through. Normally, it may not be a smart idea for a beginner to use tanning gels.

The formulation of sunless mousses and gels is a bit different. Such products react fast and also dry within a very short while. Even so, their tanning reaction is excellent and even according to some customer reviews, exceptional. Using a gel would be perfect for fashion conscious people who also happen to work around very tight schedules.

Tanning sprays are highly sought after by not only beginners but also the pros at using Bronzers. In order to effectively use a spray, you would need to make circular motions at least 6 inches away from the skin. Using a mirror during the application process would assist you greatly in ensuring that the tan is excellent even on hard to reach or out of sight areas such as the back.

Getting a quality bronzer does not necessarily have to cost you an arm and a foot. The brand of product you choose and also its quantity would play a major role in dictating how much you will spend. Ensure that you aim your research at finding reliable dealers who have a wide inventory.

The right dealer will not only have the best rates, but will also know his or her products in detail. When it comes to bronzers, some professional advice would always count even if you are a pro in using tanners. A well-informed merchant could assist you greatly in selecting the right product.

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