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By Maria Elena Zerna
Often folks suffer with a specific type of pain that indicates sciatica issues. Identifying the root of the problem can sometimes be a challenge. Folks can find relief from pain and effectively eliminate the source with the help of a Walnut Creek chiropractor.

Pain from sciatica radiates down the back through the buttocks and down the leg. This nerve becomes compressed for a number of reasons and causes a variety of symptoms. Because pain is usually referred, the application of topical meds or massaging the affected area is ineffective.

When you first see the chiropractor your complaints will be evaluated. The practitioner conducts a comprehensive assessment of family and personal medical history, and exam, and review lab tests. The practitioner may find it may be necessary to send you for additional lab work. The findings will help find the root of your problem.

The information that is gained from the evaluation and exam will allow the practitioner to develop an individualized plan for therapy. This plan can be changed periodically to accommodate progress and changes in condition. Because symptoms for various conditions can often be similar but the causes are different, it is not safe to assume the source of your pain.

A chiropractic care professional develops a therapy plan that will focus on the cause of the pain. Because there can be a number of causes for your discomfort the practitioner works to find out what they are and addresses them. A plan for therapy might include massage, lifestyle change, spinal adjustments, improvements in posture, specifically designed exercises, and nutritional changes.

It is a good idea to seek the help of a professional early to alleviate the pain and prevent any further harm. This kind of alternative medicine uses no surgery or prescription medications. Chiropractic care naturally focuses on resolving the pain and its source and prevents it from recurring.

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Learn How Walnut Creek Sciatica Issues Helped With Chiropractic Therapy

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