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By James John
A good quality of life can be changed radically when chronic pain ensues. Some methods of relief require surgery and others rely on strong pain medicines. Most individuals prefer to avoid surgery. Those living in the area can find help in the office of a prominent Stockbridge Georgia Chiropractor. He offers pain alleviation using a method called nonsurgical spinal decompression.

This method of care is contraindicated in some cases. An elderly client with osteoporosis, a pregnant woman or someone with a fracture is not a viable candidate for spinal decompression. Each individual must be thoroughly evaluated before that care is administered.

Your first appointment is devoted to that assessment. After you are examined and accepted as a viable candidate, a series of office visits can be scheduled to administer the spinal decompression. The vertebrae composing the spine have small discs between them that prevent the bones from rubbing together. If the discs are herniated the pressure can impact a nerve causing great pain.

Spinal decompression uses traction to relieve pressure on any herniated discs. When the pressure is relieved, nutrients can enter the discs to begin a healing process. You lie either face down or up on a specially-built table that is motorized. Your body is held in place by two harnesses the chiropractor puts on you. One goes around the pelvis and the other around the trunk.

Next your chiropractor uses the built-in computer controls to move the table slowly into position. You will be positioned at an angle appropriate to your needs. In most instances an upside-down position is held for a half hour or forty minutes. Some individuals feel a reduction in pain in fewer sessions than others.

Whiplash pain from a car accident, sciatica and degenerative disc disease have all been helped by nonsurgical spinal decompression. There are a number of other conditions that also responded well. As your chronic pain is alleviated over time you may be able to look forward to getting back to work.

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How Stockbridge Chiropractor Helps With Decompression Therapy Is Beneficial To Many In Pain

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