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By Taylor Reaume
There are backaches that occur for many reasons such as a car crash or lifting a heavy box. But, when it comes to severe pain, a herniated disc can cause hurting that is excruciating and unbearable. One prominent Midlothian Chiropractor has seen clients temporarily disabled by this condition.

Most individuals who are suffering want to avoid taking prescription pain pills or even over-the-counter medicine. They also do not willingly turn to surgical intervention. Chiropractic care is the ideal answer to alleviating their pain.

Meet with a chiropractor to determine what is best in your case. You will be evaluated using a hands-on physical examination of the spine and strength tests. A medical history is taken as well as one or more x-rays. The results, and your answers to relevant questions, will complete the evaluation.

It is sometimes difficult to gauge the extent of the hernia by gauging the level of pain the client is suffering. That is because the intensity of pain does not automatically correlate to the extent of damage being caused by the herniation. It is confusing to note that in many cases a large herniation can be less hurtful than a small spasm.

When deemed appropriate, your care can begin with a series of spinal adjustments. These are administered over time in a series of office visits. Traction may be used to reduce pressure on the hernia. This allows natural healing to progress. Not every chiropractor offers all methods of care.

Your chiropractor is a reliable source of professional advice. It may be beneficial to ask questions. Contrary to what people think, too much bed rest is not conducive to recovery. The joints may become stiff and the muscles weak. A period of bed rest should be followed by a period of non-strenuous activity, such as walking.

Try to avoid any movement that causes additional pain. Good nutrition and weight control are both beneficial. The swelling is sometimes reduced by adding specific enzymes to your care plan.

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Those In Pain Discover How To Get Safe Herniated Disc Relief With Chiropractic In Midlothian

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