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By Lyndon Zerna
A headache can stop you in your tracks. Headache sufferers become sensitive to light and sound and in some cases suffer from nausea. People who endure recurring headaches know the condition is negatively affecting the quality of their lives. How wonderful that there is a Walnut Creek chiropractor who can help them find immediate relief.

The chiropractic profession has known for many years that the underlying cause of headaches is often a misaligned cervical spine. Realignment by a chiropractor often will provide quick relief from pain. Over the counter pain relievers sometimes mask the pain for a short time, but it usually returns as soon as the medication wears off. Dealing with the cause is much for effective.

It is most unfortunate that medical doctors and chiropractors are frequently not on the same page. Medical doctors tend to prescribe medications to offer pain relief, but fail to focus on the cause. Your chiropractor addresses what is causing the pain, provides relief and does so without the use of prescription drugs.

A study done in 1995 by a team of medical doctors concluded that neck structure can be the cause of many types of headaches. The physician who headed this study stated that the chiropractic profession has claimed this for years, but many physicians look upon the profession with skepticism. It is unfortunate that patients may suffer needlessly because of physician bias against chiropractors.

While the medical profession may hold this consensus of opinion, headache sufferers can still look for relief by seeking chiropractic care. A press release from the American Chiropractic Association stated that nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. With the problem being so common, everyone should be made aware of the possibility of relief.

Some chiropractors have chosen to focus their practice exclusively on the upper cervical spine. Misalignment of the neck occurs frequently due to the incredible range of motion in neck. It is reassuring to know that headaches usually are not symptomatic of underlying disease. If there is no disease, fixing the misalignment frequently fixes the problem. Sufferers can return to a state of wellness.

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Discover How Walnut Creek Headache Sufferers Find Relief Through Chiropractic Care

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