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By Lyndon Zerna
Shoulders are an exceptionally active part of the body. Raising your hand, lifting anything, brushing your hair all involve shoulder movement. This area of the body is commonly subject to overuse. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain in the shoulder or has just experienced an acute injury should contact the chiropractic offices Manhattan NY to seek care and quick relief.

Most people do not have a good understanding of the physical make up of the shoulder. Your shoulder is comprised of a ball and socket joint that includes these three main bones, the upper arm bone, the collar bone and the shoulder blade. The hip is also a ball and socket joint. This type of joint allows for circular movement in these areas.

Tendons, muscles and ligaments provide an infrastructure that serves to hold the bones together. A shoulder joint is unique as it has the broadest range of motion compared to any other joint. The range is remarkable, but it does make the joint more vulnerable to possible injury.

There are many sources of shoulder injury. Overuse injuries may be the result of an occupational hazard that involves repetitive motions. Golfers commonly suffer from this type of injury. Osteoarthritis is another source of shoulder pain which is usually at its worst in the morning. Both these and many other shoulder injuries can be helped with chiropractic care.

The many soft tissues surrounding shoulder bones can also sustain injury, which may be as bad or worse than a bone injury. An injury may be the result of an acute event or a chronic condition. In either case, regular care from a chiropractor will provide relief and help manage the pain.

Pain in the shoulder area may be misleading. This is a referral site and sometimes the pain is from a different source that may indicate a serious health issue. Cardiovascular disease is one of those health issues. If for no other reason, shoulder pain should be evaluated by a chiropractor as soon as possible. Manhattan has many excellent chiropractors to determine the best care for your injury.

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