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By Evelyn Walls
Individuals suffering from varicose veins experience different symptoms and complications. Symptoms such as discomfort and pain are common. You may also suffer from swelling, discoloration and leg ulcers if the condition is not treated. Understanding various treatment options offered in health facilities is the first step to making wise decisions. When looking for the best varicose vein treatments Somerville residents will find the following tips very useful.

Self-care and compression stockings are the main treatment options offered in hospitals. Self-care involves various things like exercise, elevating legs during rest and weight loss. Individuals are expected to avoid long periods of standing and sitting. People enjoy less discomfort, complications and pain by investing time on self-care.

Circulation of blood within the legs plays a major role in preventing this condition. Doctors have designed stockings to assist blood circulation in leg muscles and arteries. Compression stockings compress the legs to enhance blood flow which results to effective healing.

The market offers different types of compression stockings. Therefore, you must choose the right one to increase chances of healing. The right compression socks will fit you properly. The stockings should not be tight. It is advisable to purchase compression socks from a reputable Somerville NJ medical supply store. Medical professionals in the store will choose the right size based on the leg measurements they will take.

Your doctor may suggest additional treatments if your condition is severe. If you do not respond to compression stockings or self-care, your doctor will recommend sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injection on the affected areas. A doctor will inject small and medium sized blood vessels with a solution. The injection will scar and closes the veins. Keep in mind the artery will be injected more than once. Sclerotherapy is less invasive and effective.

Patients can close small veins by using laser surgeries. During laser surgery, the artery is exposed to light which causes the vein to fade and disappear. No needles and incisions are required for laser surgery, hence minimum pain and quick recovery. You may require a catheter assisted procedure if your varicose veins are large. Doctors insert thin tubes into enlarged veins. The tip of the catheter is heated to collapse the vein and seal it as the doctor pulls out the tube.

Vein stripping involves incisions to remove a long artery. Blood circulation in your leg will not be affected by removing the blood vessel. The process is suitable for outpatient. You may require an ambulatory phlebotomy to remove small varicose veins. Doctors remove veins through series of tiny skin punctures.

Varicose veins cause leg ulcers if the condition is serious. In this case a doctor will choose endoscopic vein surgery. Surgeons insert a small camera into the leg. The camera is used to visualize the vein and close it. The surgeon will remove the vein through tiny incisions. With these information it is easy to choose the right varicose veins treatments. Take time to discuss with your doctor on the advantages and health side effects of each process beforehand.

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Tips For Choosing Good Varicose Vein Treatments Somerville Citizens Will Find Useful

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