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By Rae Patricio
Someone with ongoing pain in the lower back and one leg is frequently found to be suffering from a condition called sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body. For anyone living in the area help is available in the office of a leading Redondo Beach Chiropractor. When appropriate a care plan will be designed to alleviate the pain.

Points to be considered during a thorough evaluation include age, structure of the spinal column and what activities may have aggravated the condition. Sciatica makes an appearance between the ages of thirty and fifty in most cases. The usual cause is wear and tear as opposed to a single injury. Think of sciatica as a set of symptoms rather than one causative factor.

The experience of pain ranges from tingling, aching to a sensation of burning. That does not mean that symptoms cannot vary from one client to another. However, it typically occurs on only one side of your body with one leg being affected.

When you meet for your first appointment a full evaluation will be done by the chiropractor. It includes a medical history, a discussion of the hurt, such as when it started and when it became worse. Often it is discovered that a specific activity aggravated the pain. Non-invasive testing may include reflexive reactions and the strength you exhibit doing leg lifts.

Non-invasive testing and care are the main reasons people prefer chiropractic care whenever possible. Another reason is that prescription medication is not used. Restoration of spinal position and flexibility are the focal point of care. Chiropractic adjustments have been responsible for alleviating pain in many instances.

A comprehensive care plan may be designed to lift your pain to a tolerable level. A combination of applications may include a series of adjustments, massage and mild exercises to use at home between appointments. Each care plan is individualized to fit the needs of one person. Response time varies depending on the good health and age of each person.

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