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By Marci Nielsen
There must be something to the psychological effects of color. Big brand name companies pay marketing people a lot of money to design logos and advertisements that use color to convey whatever it is the company is trying to convey. Color readings appear to have some merit in the minds of some people. When reading about the meaning of color, surprisingly you may find in many cases the meaning was something you intuitively knew. Or perhaps you have these ideas because of the spoken and unspoken messages received regarding color.

There are many commonly accepted views of what colors mean. The basis may be cultural or just something that has been repeated so frequently it becomes accepted as true. Pink seems to be romantic. It is fairly universal that white represents purity, and yellow is bright and happy. Random research on what colors mean seems to be of one mind.

A color reading refers to the aura of a person. Without listing all the points of the rainbow it can be said that your aura can range from red to black. The question is how do you see an aura, even your own. One resource says that you should stand in front of a mirror and make sure that immediately behind you is a solid light tone. In other words, do not stand in front of brightly colored patterned wallpaper.

Next focus your attention on the outline of a part of your body. Choose whatever outline you prefer, maybe the outline of your head or the outline of your shoulders. They say the first thing you will see is a transparent or white outline. If you remain focused your aura will appear. They also say that once you actually see the aura, it triggers your mind to think and the aura will immediately disappear.

Perhaps you observed that your aura was pink. This means you are a loving and giving person. You are a romantic and once you fall in love you remain faithful to that love. If you observed an orange aura you are gregarious and outgoing. You are a social person and very sensitive to the feelings of others. This almost sounds like something you would read based on your astrological sign.

The difference between a white and a black aura is not surprising. If your aura is white or if it is silver, you have psychic powers, you are intuitive and people are drawn to be in your presence. White aura people tend to be attractive with wonderful personalities. This sounds like the best aura, if you had to choose.

Moving on to black auras sounds scary, and it is. It shows negativity, illness, depression and hatred. There is nothing good about a black aura. If you have one, it would be highly recommended to make some changes in your life.

As you take the time to think about auras it all begins to seem very reasonable. The one thing that makes you stop and question the ideology is that payment is too frequently requested. Granted that pastors and priests pass the hat at each service, but they do not do it so frequently and for so many dollars. Beliefs are often faith based and have little to do with provable facts. If these concepts help people cope with their lives, then more power to them.

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Color Readings And The Meaning Of Your Aura

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