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By Lyndon Zerna
Lumbago, or low back pain, is common, especially for individuals who earn a living doing physical labor. Lifting heavy objects, twisting, and sudden movements can cause injuries that restrict movement or cause painful muscle spasms. With Pasco County chiropractic care, patients can eliminate pain and improve overall health and quality of life.

Determining the exact cause of pain in this area can be difficult. The spine is a complex structure consisting of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and discs. Damage to any of these components can cause pain in a localized region or pain that radiates down into the legs or even the feet.

The level of pain a patient experiences often does not have anything to do with how severe the injury is. Someone with a herniated disc or some other serious problem may go through a daily routine with only mild pain. Sometimes minor problems such as sprains and strains may cause debilitating pain.

Two patients with the same medical condition may experience different levels of pain or pain in different areas of the feet, legs, or back. There may even be emotional or psychological factors that play a role in a patient’s overall experience. This is why chiropractors feel it is so important to take the time necessary to evaluate all aspects of a patient’s life and create a program to meet that individual’s needs.

Manual spinal manipulation and mobilization are two techniques used by chiropractors to provide pain relief. They also address other aspects of the patient’s life. They help patients incorporate diet and exercise programs that improve overall health.

You do not have to rely on potentially dangerous drugs or risky surgery for relief from back pain. A chiropractor can offer alternative ways to restore movement and improve overall health. Contact a local chiropractor to discuss your options.

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