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By Marci Nielsen
Routine checkups are the best way to detect dental problems early. When these problems are detected and treated early, you can avoid unnecessary discomfort and save money as well as time. Ideally, you should get dental checkups twice a year. By consulting with a dentist in Vancouver BC regularly, you will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

During a regular dental visit, a dental practitioner will check your overall oral health. This includes checking if any tooth has a cavity and evaluating the health of the gums. The professional will also examine your tongue, throat and neck and note if there is anything unusual. He or she will also examine your mouth for any signs of vitamin deficiencies, oral cancer or diabetes.

A good number of dentists pay special attention to plaque and tartar because they take a short time to build up on teeth. They remove any plaque and tartar present to prevent irritation of the gums. Plaque removal helps in gum disease prevention. Dentists can also perform teeth cleaning and examine your bite, your lower jaw movement and face.

Dentists can also assist you to enhance the natural brightness of your teeth through a tooth whitening procedure. However, this will only be done after the dentist has confirmed that the procedure is right for you, particularly if you have a gum infection, sensitive teeth, dental work like crowns and bridges, and dental cavities. After a dentist examines your teeth and confirms that a tooth whitening procedure can be performed safely, you may choose between an over the counter kit and a dentist supervised whitening kit.

Another service provided by dentists is tooth filling. These professionals can use fillings to repair teeth that have been damaged by fractures, wear or decay. Dental fillings can also be utilized even out the surface of teeth in order to enhance your bite and chewing ability. The factors that determine the lifespan of dental fillings are the material used to make them, proper care and good oral hygiene. They can last for five to twelve years.

In some situations, it may be necessary to cover the visible front surface of one or more teeth with a tooth colored, custom made porcelain overlay. This overlay is referred to as a veneer. Dentists usually prescribe it for teeth that are stained or discolored, broken chipped or worn down. They also prescribe veneers for misaligned, irregularly shaped or uneven teeth.

To restore the strength, shape and size of teeth, dentists can install dental crowns. A dental crown encases the visible part of the teeth. Dental practitioners can recommend dental crowns for people with cracked, broken, decayed or worn out teeth. Dental crowns can also help protect and support the teeth after large filling or treatment of an infection at the center of a tooth. They are also installed to improve the smile because they cover misshapen or severely discolored teeth. Dental crowns can last between five and twelve years with proper care and good oral hygiene.

When seeking dental services in Vancouver BC, it is advisable to look for a licensed, competent and experienced dentist. It is also advisable to hire a dentist who will accept your dental insurance plan. Dental checkups and procedures are more affordable when covered by dental insurance.

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