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By Mattie Knight
Any field in the industry today is packed with competition. As such, people always make it a point to make sure that they are equipped both with knowledge and skills that will make them qualified to certain positions. The more they can offer to a company, the higher the likability of them, being hired.

Learning new things right now is not just limited to those formal courses offered at school. There are also specialized training geared to complementing the current knowledge that experts in certain fields already have. CASAC programs NY is among them. It deals with equipping experts advanced knowledge on how to perform counseling in the field of substance and alcohol abuse.

There are a lot of people, especially teens, who are now under the influence of drugs and alcohol abuse. And its the responsibility of select social workers to help them go back on the right track. Enrolling to this program can help experts widen their knowledge on counseling even more. Below are the professionals that find this study highly useful.

Psychologist. There are a lot of different factors that affect the way on how a person behaves. And these factors can potentially shape their decision to drink alcohol. Before they realize it, they have already become dependents. Psychologists could make use of an added knowledge about the counseling in order to help them out.

Field of rehabilitation. Centers focused on helping people undergo rehabilitation will need people who can regularly conduct counseling. And how else can these people be effective than by making sure that they have what it takes to provide quality analysis and suggestions to those who need their help.

Marriage and family therapists. A lot of personal relationships like marriage were broken because of substance abuse. And those therapists who specifically work to help couples and families mend their relationship are constantly challenged to find better ways on how they could address the unique needs of people who seek their help.

Social work. This is primarily involved with all those volunteer activities that are geared to helping out the community. Many people from different places find volunteering on this very fulfilling and practical. Enrolling to the training can be a value added skill for them.

School counseling. For kids and teens who are still studying when they first have this issue about substance abuse, the school has a great role on how to help them do away with the addiction. Different educational institutions have counselor on board, who may find a great deal of help in enrolling to this specialized training.

Many educational institutions are now opening their doors to the potential of having this CASAC on board. If you are one who feels the need to equip yourself with the knowledge taught on this training, then by all means starts looking for a good program. You can start by looking at those things offered within your locality. If not, then you may always look at options online.

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