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By Mattie Knight
If you notice to yourself that you naturally love to help others and like to make a career with it, then you might like to become a counselor. With this, you now have a good way to give back the help your community has done to you to become who you are today. But as early as today, better decide which specific discipline you should choose and focus about.

It is true that there are so many disciplines you can focus in becoming a counselor. Some are counseling families or married couples. You might also like the idea of counseling people that are in need of help to stop their addiction with alcohol or drugs. Well, this might be bold but you may always journey your life to become a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor or CASAC by enrolling to CASAC course NY.

But it is really not necessary that you would now decide which discipline to focus. But choosing several of them while taking the first few courses will help you determine the path you need to take. The courses will open you to the world of counseling which is very helpful in making you decide which discipline to focus later on.

Just continue your CASAC training until you graduate and receive your certificate in becoming a counselor. But would it be efficient enough if you really get a college degree. This will really help you land on an excellent job after taking all the courses you need to take. Maybe you could choose psychology so you graduate being so inclined to counseling jobs years later.

Getting a bachelors degree could be enough to some people. But those people who really got very big dreams in their heart will surely continue studying. They get doctorate degree and CASAC training to become a very efficient adviser to people who are dealing with addiction in alcohol and drugs.

The doctorate degree will help you truly focus on your desired discipline. They will not just introduce you but teach and train you with all the things you need to learn to become an efficient adviser. Plus, you will never get wrong with your job trainings because you will witness everything on a firsthand basis.

When you graduate with your doctorate degree, go on with your career and take a licensure exam. There is no practicing doctor out there that does not have a license. So if you want to practice, take and pass the licensure exam. Let your CASAC certificate wait for your license, because when you pass you are very much ready to get the job you have been dreaming for so long.

But remember, licensure examination in every state varies from one another. Thus, find out which state is going to provide you an exam that would lead you to counsel people who have problems on addiction. Do your own research because some would require passers to work and get good experience before their license is turned into professional.

Now that you know these things, are you now ready to take on your dreams. Just follow these things as you take every step on the way. Stay focus on what you would like to achieve and always trust in your strengths and capabilities, it will surely lead you to success. Thus, start on the first step when it is the right time and never stop and until you get what you want.

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