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By Mattie Knight
A nations culture and tradition is packed with strange things that those born in the modern era may not be able to comprehend. However, its undeniable that this has become an important source when it comes to shaping the history and current practice of a society. In fact, some of those bizarre practices of the past somehow managed to survive and are continually being practiced at present.

Among the most popular and out of this world cultural practice is the worship of divine beings that are said to reside in the underworld. And for them to continually guide their people on earth, a shamanic healer Portland is said to be the channel from which they convey their message. Other than predicting the future, they are also said to be able to implement methods to hear specific healing techniques.

Shamans are believed to be individuals possessing a sort of supernatural abilities to communicate with the underworld. And as outrageous as this may sound to many, there are ethnic communities, even modern ones who fervently believe this. With their access to spirits and guides from another dimension, they are said to be able to provide healing to different kinds of diseases without the intervention of modern medical procedures. Here are some of the common practices that these shamans do in healing.

Interpreting visions and signs from dreams. Many shamans claim to be able to see visions in their dreams. These things are believed to be messages that either warn people for an impending disaster, or teach a shaman on how to treat a disease. As the sort of medium connecting the realm of the living to that of the spirits, they are in charge of bringing that message to a clearer light so other people can understand it.

Utterance of foreign chants. While termed as foreign, these chants do not have to be a real existing language. In fact, most of them are not. They are words that are believed to be coming from a higher being or those spirits who help out shamans.

Herbal medicines. The use of herbs is widely acceptable even in modern medicines. Indeed, many known plants around us can heal certain diseases. Shamans incorporate these on their healing as well matched with chants that they themselves know about.

Trance. By allowing someone to go into a state of trance, the shaman can instruct them more freely to let out those worries and negative stuff that may be burdening them, thus, contributing to the decline of their physical health. Getting on a trance is said to be efficient in freeing a person off his worries.

Meditation. Its a practice that is done by a shamanism practitioner to benefit himself. But this can also be administered to a patient. By meditating, one is giving some rooms for themselves to think and clear their thoughts.

Of course, given the advancements of today, its a given that this practice or belief is not accepted with open arms by different people. There are many vocal critics, dismissing it as nothing but hoax. But to believers, these people who are said to carry some sort of divine providence are worthy of respect and reverence. Medical experts are keen on reminding that rather than believe on the supernatural form of healing, do take time to consult the scientific and proven process first.

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