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By Melisa Carlucci
The stresses of daily life may be one of many reasons an individual may experience nagging neck pain. It can be very difficult for one to turn their head in any direction when there is such stiffness in that area. An Aspen CO wellness chiropractor can help relieve the pain by using one of their all natural and highly effective techniques.

With such intense neck pain due to stiffness, it becomes very difficult for one to perform even simple tasks. It can seem next to impossible for an individual to look up or down, left or right unless they keep their head and shoulders stiff and move their entire torso. Consequences might be severe if this type of issue is not attended in time, as additional muscles might become affected by holding so stiffly for long periods.

There are a number of ways by which a person may end up in this situation. Some of these causes are stressful conditions that last over a long period of time, repetitive motions, auto accidents and sports injuries. The incidents that lead to this condition can have a lot to do with what is actually resulting in the extreme stiffness and pain.

The actual stiffening pain can be a result of a few different things. One of these situations is a nerve, or nerves that have become trapped between vertebrae that have been pushed out of alignment. Another is muscles that have been strained due to trauma or tension from repetitive movements or stressful conditions.

Chiropractic methods can address pain, and provide relief, without using any surgeries or pharmaceuticals. Manually manipulating the bones in the spine to release the pressure on the nerves is the most commonly used techniques in this type of situation. Sometimes, deep tissue massages may be used to provide further relief to the tightened muscles.

Before starting the therapy, the doctors in this field will test, review and discuss each situation. A few different diagnostic methods such as blood reviews, X-rays and MRI’s might be utilized. Most people report that they experienced instant pain relief after their very first session.

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