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By Carey Bourdier
While you probably thought that you’d never really use your math skills, we actually use them every day to measure and calculate. For some jobs, honing your measurement skills is as essential as is learning how to use a myriad of helpful optical tools and mathematical devices. For instance, many people have to use a device called a clinometer or inclinometer to measure the elevation of angles. Angle measurement is important for all types of jobs, including the following professions.

1. Professional and Amateur Sailors Need The Clinometer

If you are a sailor or operating a power boat, then you definitely understand the importance of understanding weather patterns and weather conditions. Professional or Naval ship captains, as well as those who sail for fun, all have to keep their eye on the weather. The clinometer can be a helpful device for those who are out on the sea. While you might have a plethora of technology on board your craft, the possibility of electrical failure or satellite problems do exist, so learning how to use a clinometer can be handy.

Learning how to use a clinometer, combined with some general knowledge of meteorology can be a boon if you are without working instrumentation. The clinometer can help you measure cloud height. Different types of clouds form at different elevations and these clouds indicate unique weather conditions. Changes in cloud height also can be important to note as these can indicate weather changes. By watching cloud movement, you can determine where a squall might be moving. For instance, when a cumulus cloud starts to quickly increase its vertical height, this can mean that a thunderstorm could occur. So when you see puffy cumulus clouds transform into a more vertical cumulonimbus formation, this could mean that heavy rain, lighting and high winds are coming.

2. Managing Forests With A Clinometer

If you have never heard about the job of a forester, you probably could at least guess that it must be in some way related to trees. A forester or forestry technician is a job concerned with the management of all types of forests. This includes protected forest lands as well as forests used for logging.

In order to manage a forest, these foresters have to collect plenty of information about the plant life and animals that live in the forest. Rather than study the entire forest, they will study sample areas, assuming that conditions are similar throughout the forest. The clinometer is an important tool for foresters because it allows them to be able to measure tree height. They stand 50 feet from the base of a tree and hold the clinometer at eye level, and the clinometer will tell them the angle of elevation. From there, simple calculations are used to understand tree height.

3. Clinometers Also Provide Data For Geologists

When you think about geologists, you probably simply think about rocks. But this is a much more complex profession, and geology is actually the study of the earth itself and the materials that make up the earth. The clinometer is used by geologists to help them calculate the height of large rocks as well as mountains and rock walls, which is similar to the way in which foresters use this optical instrument.

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