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By Evan Sanders
Oh to really love…how rare that is.

Our love is the things that miracles are made of. While that love may only last 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 50 years it is the thing that weaves the fabric of this world together.

Many are scared to love again because of a pain they have felt in the past, but for those who love unconditionally they are able to experience an emotion that transcends all others. An emotion that makes memories last forever and bridges the gaps of time.

Love is a game changer. It breaks barriers, it brings people together, it transcends time and space and truly can change the course of history. We have seen that happen over and over again. Love is the thing that creates the greatest amount of change.

Love goes beyond what is explainable.

Our lives can be a magical display of love. Not the immature love that many experience, but the type of love where you can truly stand for the greatness of other people because you respect them and cherish them as human beings.

What makes the idea of love so complicated is that it comes and goes when it pleases. One minute it’s there and the next minute it is gone. But that’s honestly how it’s supposed to be. It is supposed to leave us at times so we can truly appreciate it when it comes back.

Love is wonderful, life changing, a roller coaster and yet passing all at the same time. It comes and goes, even breaks us at times and forever changes us once we experience it. When it breaks us, we fall to pieces. When it comes back, we fall together.

It’s amazing how complicated love really is.

So cherish and love the people who are in your life right now. Give them every single ounce of love that you have. Don’t rest amongst the cold and timid souls who rather hide in the shadows and keep their love to themselves. Instead, stand as a light for others and show them the way.

But most of all, you must love your heart out no matter how many times it has been broken.

Be vulnerable. Show others your true colors. Love fearlessly.

Oh to really love, how rare that is.

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How Rare It Is To Truly Love

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