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By Della Monroe
Those in chronic pain localized in the head, back, and neck know just where to go. The offices of chiropractors in Marina Del Rey CA is a source of comfort and relief. This ubiquitous specialist provides treatment for ailments of the musculoskeletal system, particular of nerve origin. It all comes down to the condition of the spine and the status of the various vertebrae.

Is there a miracle involved? It would seem so, but in reality, these practitioners train in special schools of chiropractic medicine. They are certified by state law and local boards. They are insured like their medical counterparts and also accept health insurance. It is thus an established, accredited, and well-known profession.

It is all about the spine in this industry. It is the focal point of the body and the nervous system. Every part of the physical self can be affected from the interconnection of fibers. It is believed that vertebrae that are out of alignment (or subluxated) are the cause of many ailments. Adjustments in this area are the key to restoration of function and well-being. Most anything can be corrected.

Thousands of nerves permeate the body through the limbs right to the hands and feet. Since they originate in the spine, any misalignment of vertebrae will have a painful consequence most anywhere. Physiological functions can be compromised. Adjustments to the spine are the obvious answer with the doctor performing an almost miraculous feat.

What happens next? You may return for regular adjustments and you may need to undertake strengthening and flexibility exercises at home. You might make lifestyle changes such as diet and pursue a course of herbal remedies. There are many variations on a theme. It is a total program that is meant to be both a preventative and a cure–almost a complete panacea. It is not always about an acute injury but chronic ailments that need care.

In addition to manipulation, exercises for stretching and strengthening may be prescribed as well as dietary changes and herbal supplements. There are things a patient does at home apart from the office. Generally on appointments you lie on a low table for your spinal adjustment and related massage and electrical stimulation. Ultrasound may be used for muscle relaxation.

It is not uncommon to see a chiropractic professional use an activator or hand-held device. It is also not unusual to have massage or electric stimulation accompany adjustments. There have been a few updates to the practice over time. The magic touch of the doctor is the essence of treatment, however, as it has been in the past.

The key to health for this specialist is clearly one area of the body as the foundation of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It is not as narrow a focus as it may seem given the interconnections of bodily functions. Thousands attest to its efficacy as they are freed from pain. Chronic pain is very debilitating and harsh medications can have side effects. With this brand of holistic medicine, a patient can become whole once again.

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