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By Daphne Bowen
Statistics show that there has been an exponential increase in the number of cosmetic procedures performed all over the world. This is thought to be related to the huge media influence. Today, many people strive to take on certain body shapes. For this to happen, they may need to undergo one or several surgical operations. Tummy tuck is among the procedures commonly performed in Merrillville. If panning to have tummy tuck northwest Indiana need to understand a few basics.

The main aim of performing this operation is to increase the firmness of the anterior abdominal wall. This is achieved by removing most of the fat in the region and stitching back the muscle and the fascia. This change is particularly welcome in people who have lost a large amount of fat in a short period of time and women who have just been through pregnancy. As a method of weight loss, the results have been disappointing.

The choice of technique will depend on the amount of fat that is to be removed at the end of the exercise. One of the techniques is known as complete abdominoplasty and is done by creating two incisions in the lower abdominal regions; one runs between thighs and the pubic region and the other is created around the navel. Once skin has been freed, fat tissues are removed through liposuction. Any redundant skin is cut off before stitching takes place.

Partial abdominoplasty is also commonly performed. The scale of the surgery is smaller than that of complete abdominoplasty. A smaller incision is required and the operation is limited to the low abdomen. Once the fat has been removed, liposuction is used to create finer transition zones before closure of the wound. Other types of surgeries that may be used include circumferential, extended and high lateral tension abdominoplasty.

It is important to note that results are greatly variable from one patient to another. The variation is due to different techniques that are used and the difference in surgical skills. To prevent accumulation of fat tissue, there is a need to have a change in lifestyle.

Although the procedure is regarded as being generally safe, there are a number of complications that may occur. Bleeding while on the operation table may be a concern when the surgery is extensive. Other complications include formation of blood clots, infections and embolism which may affect vital organs such as the lungs, the brain and the heart. To reduce the risk of clot formation, patients are advised to walk around as soon as they leave the operating room.

It takes one to four weeks for one to recover from the effects of the surgery. Doctors highly recommend that one keeps off strenuous physical activities during this period. At the same time, nicotine products should be avoided as they have been shown to interfere with wound healing. Patients will experience mild pain and discomfort for some time but it will wear off gradually.

Tummy tuck is a useful procedure for losing abdominal fat and getting into perfect shape once again. There are different techniques that are used and these are chosen based on the nature of the problem. Weighing the risk-benefit ratio should be done before choosing whether or not to undergo the procedure.

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