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By Daphne Bowen
Our working lives are stressful no matter our age or career. Professional anxiety therapy Toronto, ON M5R 2L8 has become more and more in demand to ease the worry and diminish symptoms that it causes. The hectic, often extremely competitive pace, of business takes its toll over time. Whether you dwell on the big or the small things, at some point in time, help will be needed to stop the cycle and put you back on a happier track.

Where does it all come from? It has many sources in our personalities and our actions, but we do know where it goes–into the body in the form of muscle tension, sleepless nights, constipation, and restlessness. It is the cause of many symptoms that need addressing. Whether you are giving a speech, attending a new school, meeting new people, or starting a new job, anxiety is the normal accompaniment. It comes with the territory. You can add long work hours and a harried business day to the equation and you will soon get a clear picture of the problem.

Competition in business, working long hours, keeping up with technology, and the like are constant triggers not to mention all the horrendous problems in the world at large. Many people take them upon their shoulders. The resulting psychological state becomes physical as well as fear and worry release negative hormones. It is a huge health problem in the US affecting more than nineteen million people. Women in particular seem to be afflicted more than men.

Symptoms of anxiety, such as restlessness, can be dealt with using medication, but there can be side effects. Thus therapists tend to prefer personal counseling as a safer alternative. Discussions of the cause of worry can help diminish symptoms. In other words, understanding and recognition breed cures. Learning to face reality and the future is a benefit of such therapy as it helps retrain behavior and mood.

A second viable choice is individual or group therapy. Sessions include discussions and revelations that help expose anxiety causes and engender suggested cures. It is a positive sign that so many are seeking treatment of some kind to deal with the issue short and long term. Because medication causes side effects, it has become somewhat suspect in certain circles. Nevertheless, it is still a popular treatment.

Others turn to holistic methods such as meditation and breathing exercises which relaxes the body and calms the anxious mind. Exercise is an added benefit to any other treatment protocol. When the body is healthy and functioning properly, tension diminishes.

Above all we have to accept ourselves: our strengths as well as our weaknesses. While we work on this, it is often valuable to turn to a hobby or area of interest to give us breaks from stress and fear. Some play musical instruments, others paint and sculpt. Some enjoy card games, others the video kind. There is no end to the type of activity you can do for fun and relaxation, not to mention establishing solid social relationships.

When facing a great deal of anxiety, it is wise to adopt a hobby or two as a distraction. Playing games, practicing one or more of the arts, listening to music, doing crafts, and the like provide relaxation of the mind and the body. Plus, enjoying these pastimes with friends is a valuable kind of socialization that eases stress and fear. No wonder therapists recommend hobbies widely to help cancel the effects of mental illness.

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