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By Daphne Bowen
People are gifted with five senses. These senses are the smell, hear, touch, and sight. If one of it fails to function, surely that a person will really have difficulty in doing the things she or he has to do. This is the reason why we really have to give care of those body parts which gave us these senses so we can grow old maximizing it.

One of these senses that human beings rely so much is the sight. We can definitely say that our eyes are very important for us. With this, San Antonio eye specialists never fail to remind us to take good care of it. If not, there is a big possibility that we cannot see all the beautiful things anymore. We cant see the birds flying freely. Gone are the days where you see the sunset and sunrise. Lastly, you cant see the face of your love when he laughs, cries, and make fun faces.

But with the kind of lifestyle that we are living right now, it is so hard not to abuse our eyes. There are people who need to stare at their computer monitors for the whole day so they could do their work. Some do a movie marathon to let out their stress. Add the improper diet. Thus, it is now really hard to keep our eyes healthy.

But did you know, there are certain things that we can do to prevent this organ from failing. One would be allowing it a rest for several minutes. Stop staring at your monitor and try to divert your visuals in some other things. If you can stay away from your computer even for a little time, then do so. If you look around, make sure you stare more on those refreshing view like the plants or green and refreshing object.

This does not only apply to those people who are staring at their computer. This also applies to those who are reading a very thick novel or their scholastic books, those who are writing essays and articles for their assignments, and many others. By looking away for how many minutes will help you not to get an eye strain.

If you always do the mentioned activities, ensure you lighted the entire space well. Your eye will not have any problem in seeing things clearly in well lighted areas. But the organ pressures itself to see clearly in those dark areas which could potentially cause eye problems.

Yes, it is really good to have a well lighted area but it is also not good to look intently in all the intense light. Staring at these will damage the cells in your retina. This is why ophthalmologist never advices you to stare intently at light bulbs or directing binoculars or telescopes to the sun.

Eat foods which have high Vitamin A content. Studies have shown that Vitamin A help protect the cells inside the eyes from those toxic damages. Foods that are rich with this nutrient are spinach, carrots, and watercress. If your system contains only a little Vitamin A, there is a huge possibility that you cant see clearly in any dark places.

But the very best thing to do is to have regular eye check up. This is very much applicable to the people who have genetically eye problems. So before you get one, visit your ophthalmologist so to give you the right treatments and instructions in avoiding eye problems.

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