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By Jason McDonald
One of the ways in which ALS patients can help themselves – and Stu Millheiser can attest to this sentiment – is with exercise. There’s no denying the impact that this can have, especially when you consider that this condition is illustrated by muscular degeneration. With that said, you may be curious to know the kinds of exercises that said patients can get involved in. Here are just a few of the possible solutions you may want to look into.

One of the best exercises for ALS patients to adopt, according to Stuart Millheiser would have to be water therapy. Not only is it one of the best low-impact regimens out there, but it’s easy enough on the joints as well. After all, water possesses a certain degree of levity that people do not have to put as much pressure on their limbs to get involved. When it comes to the most relaxing exercises, especially for those suffering from ALS, water therapy cannot be overlooked.

What about simple stretching, which is another form of exercise in its own right? Maybe you’re the kind of person who has an office job, meaning that you’re not able to work out as often as you’d like. Stretching is easily one of the best ways to stay active, especially when you think about how it can be done in virtually any environment that can be thought of. This is yet another option that ALS patients should think about implementing on a regular basis.

Depending on how much effort you’d like to put in, maybe you’d like to become involved in strength training as well. This is yet another possible idea that those with ALS may want to consider. After all, when you lift weights on a regular basis, you’re putting your muscles to work, meaning that they will not wear down or wither away as easily as the might have otherwise. This is another potential method, and it’s one that has the support of Stuart Millheiser and others to boot.

Hopefully these ideas have given you a better understanding of how ALS patients can help themselves. Not only are these relatively low-impact, compared to other regimens which may be adopted, but the fact that they can be done with ease cannot be ignored. Keep in mind that they have to be reasonably easy, as many patients struggle in the physical sense. If these exercises are adopted, it’s easy to imagine that positive results will show themselves.

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