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By Beverly C. Ralph
For all time, it seems that the hands have always been used to heal. Simply consider when someone is hurt, that individual will place their hand upon that area so that they may relieve themselves of pain. Reiki classes Portland Oregon provides can help someone start a new career that will have lots of benefits attached to it.

Certainly, it’s more than just fantasy, as many have experienced its benefits. People have instincts from the day they are born, in other words, from when they are babies. If they have discomfort, somehow their hands make their way to the area, and the parent will hold the area to make them more comfortable.

Mikao Usui took it a step further in 1921, adding universal energy to hands-on healing. He realized that when his hands were placed upon another who was in pain, he was capable of bringing them healing. An individual can apply pressure himself, or loved one can heal with his hands, whether it’s emotional or physical pain. Even hugs can heal someone who is going through a very stressful time.

Hands-on healing has existed way before 1921. It does of course require master teachers to educate those who are interested in the practice. One thing’s for sure is that learning this practice will be very rewarding.

For one thing, they can start a whole new career they can be quite lucrative. More and more people are turning to natural ways of healing and treating illnesses rather than modern medicine which involves harsh chemicals and side effects. These people will learn how to heal through vibrations and harmony.

In addition to that, they will renew themselves. Their natural touch will be helpful for others, so people feel rewarded in that sense. It requires extensive studying to learn, practicing time and again. Moreover, it requires extremely experienced teachers to teach them everything they need to know about the practice.

While there are no real logical explanations in how healing with hands actually works, it really does. It is mysterious, as much as the heart is mysterious. That said, science may not be able to explain it or believe it, even though they do believe how energy changes form. Whatever the case, it works and it can help the individual learning, and those he practices upon.

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