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By Phyllis Schroeder
As people are turning to new ways to cure physical conditions, they are learning about exciting prospects for a better and longer recovery. In essence, they have found natural alternatives to prescription drugs. They are jubilant about the prospects of treatment without side effects and even death. They are rushing to understand and embrace holistic medicine in its many wonderful guises.

Alternative medicine can heal in ways that science does not fully understand. Thus, it is embraced widely when conventional medicine fails or does not appeal. Various approaches can cure illness and revitalize the spirit at the same time. The body often uses its own defense mechanisms to overcome adversity and restore well-being.

Modern medicine has surely come a long way since the invention of the miracle drug penicillin. It is a complex business diagnosing problems and matching them with suitable medications. They all seem to have a battery of ill effects, although some are rare. As a result, more people do not want to take their chances of being the unlucky fatal example. They have embraced alternative medicine in line with information gleaned from NCCAM.

This organization performs the service of classifying the various therapeutic alternatives into categories. It is a general system that helps patients understand their treatment methodology. We view it in a different way than centuries ago when they were first developed. Many are part of a larger philosophical/spiritual system you can enter as you receive treatment. It enriches the experiences and enhances the process. The categories commonly employed to describe alternative medical systems are: Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine, and Native American ones.

Alternative medicine often uses energy therapy in one form or another. This can mean that energy fields enhance the healing process. For example, there are Bioelectromagnetic-based and Biofield Therapies. The former targets the energy in the body for the purpose of healing such as Reiki, Qi Gong. And Therapeutic Touch. The latter use electromagnetic fields to do their work.

Another approach is mind-body intervention. Mind control is employed in various ways according to the beliefs of the healer. Recovery from illness is entirely possible after a meeting of the minds. The brain learns to send messages to areas of the body that have been affected. It is clearly an example of mind over matter.

An interesting offshoot of alternative medicine involves mind-body interventions. Curing comes from the power of the mind and the chemical messages sent to areas of the body. Mind control takes practice, but it can be the impetus of a cure. The body is thus a natural independent healer. The therapist can stimulate various parts by touch for positive curative effect. Manipulative and body-based approaches are characteristic of massage therapy and chiropractic treatment.

Choosing a form of alternative medicine is a personal preference and it may depend on the nature of one’s injuries or ailments. Different approaches work on different problems. Recovery is not absolute with any one program. However, entering the alternative medicine arena will undoubtedly give you a leg up on your physical issues and promote faster, long-lasting improvement.

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