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By Eula Clarke
Before people realized that they could make machines to help them accomplish their tasks, life was quite hard. People had to do all kinds of work on their own. This was quite dangerous as some kinds of work such as mining were quite risky. Many times people got buried in the tunnels that they have created in the search for the precious rocks. The properties of green energy oil field services are very essential.

Before the introduction of technology into the society, life was quite hard. There are very many things that people could not easily accomplish despite the great importance e behind them. Communication was especially hard during these times. There was no effective way for a person to send or receive a message. The only reliable way of communication was through writing letters which time to be delivered.

Further advancements in science and technology led to the introduction of phones into the community as well. These phones needed a wire for a connection and they were quite big in size. People had to make endless queues to be able to enjoy the services of these phones. This method was more effective as the two people could share information directly in person. The inconvenience of waiting however created a dilemma.

A mobile phone is a communication system that has been designed to be of a small size so that the user can easily carry it around in their pocket or bag. These phones totally changed the game as businesses were now booming. People could send and receive information within the comfort of their homes or wherever else they were in the community. The smart phones were the last phase of evolution in these communication gadgets.

Transportation was also equally impossible. People used animals used of movement to move from one place to another. These were the rich people. The poor person had to walk for very long distances in order to arrive at their destination. The introduction of railway services quite helped these people as people could now send their produce to the market easily. Cars were also brought into the community to further improve this affair.

The introduction of road transportation systems was the final benchmark in this affair. This was quite fast and comfortable. Numerous small cars hit the markets and the people that could afford them took advantage. Business boomed with this system as people could easily make their daily errand while wasting minimal time and other resources on the affairs.

Oil is the most popular source of power when it comes to running machines. It is mined from the ground in its crude form and then taken to oil plants for refining. This material however is not sustainable as it takes several million years for the process of formation to effectively occur.

Other sustainable sources of power include running water. This is used to create hydro electricity. This is very essential in the running of house appliances and other industrial machines. Biogas is as well very renewable as well. The wind can also be harnessed to create power which can be used in very many various ways in the community.

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