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By Olive Pate
With the increasing cost for fuel and electricity, it is only natural that people think of other alternatives they have to avoid that. There should be green energy solutions available these days that can cut on the cost you have to pay as well as help preserve the Earth. Here are some tips that you can do on your own with regards to this matter.

First, it should be possible to generate your very own electricity these days. You can use the sun or the wind to generate your very own electricity. You must be able to install home solar electric panels or even a wind power system so that you can completely eliminate your electricity bills. It can help you save cost yearly.

For the house, you might want to ensure that it is insulated and weatherized properly. The houses these days have half of their electricity consumption used for heating and cooling. It should be easy to spend less for the heating and cooling bills when you get the house insulated and weatherized properly.

There are many types of lights these days. You should avoid using incandescent lights and switch to the compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. If not the compact fluorescent lights or CFLs, you can also opt to use the LEDs. They consume less of your electricity and they can also last far longer than the incandescent lights.

The windows of the house together with the glass doors can have a huge impact on your bill. If you want to cut down on at least a quarter of the heating and cooling bill, then you have to update the window. You can use a double-pane window instead of the single-pane one. You may also use plastic sheeting for this.

You should ensure that your thermostat is working properly. When your house is still using manual thermostat, then you better consider switching to programmable thermostats. The one you install should be really compatible with the current heating and cooling system you have. You can set the temperature setting accordingly.

For your appliances, you have to choose well which ones you want to have for the house. If you can, you need to find the ones with the ENERGY STAR mark. The appliances with the said mark are more efficient. Not only is it efficient, it can also provide additional financial incentives like sales tax credits and exemptions.

The water heater temperature should be lowered. As much as you can, you should have the water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest or 125 degrees Fahrenheit at the highest. You should not set the water heater temperature unnecessarily high since that can just be a waste of electricity and money. You can save a lot if you just lower your water heater temperature.

It is highly recommended that you turn off the light whenever they are not in use. When there are no people in the room, there is just no sense in keeping the lights turned on. Especially when the room is being lit up by incandescent lights, you must ensure that you turn it off every time you have no need for it. The bill will significantly decrease if you do this little act regularly.

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Simple Green Energy Solutions To Help Save Cost

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