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By Jordan Schmidt
The human brain is complex and responsible for many of the processes in the body. When it is malfunctioning, other problems can arise. Sometimes this comes in the form of changes to the thoughts and actions of an individual. Neuropsychological testing is carried out in New York, NY and other parts of the world as a way to test the function of the brain.

Doctors perform these test to identify brain problems. These assessments are designed to help them check to see if patients have issues with the organ that are impacting their ability to remember, problem solve, concentrate and reason. Usually more than one test is completed during this process and it is all carried out by psychologists who are specially trained to do this work.

The results of these tests given the doctor an overall look at how well the brain is functioning. Using this information, professionals can determine the best rehab or treatment solutions for patients. Doctors may encourage this type of testing for people who have disease that might impact brain health, including: tumors, epilepsy, AIDS, dementia or similar diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease and stroke.

A person may have to have this done if they have had an injury related to the brain, including concussions. They may also be asked to take the tests if they have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, substances known to alter the brain. Some patients will be given then following exposure to poisons, pollution or chemicals. ADHD patients might be tested. Doctors may even perform these in order to check on treatment effectiveness.

Preparation is important. Consult with the practitioner if there are any questions or concerns related to pre- or post-care procedures. Patients may also look into potential risks, meaning of results, need for testing and how the process is carried out. It is important that they are fully informed of how the process is to be carried out. Eating before hand and getting adequate rest is important, as hunger and tiredness can have an affect on results. Patients should bring along hearing aids and glasses, if they need them.

More than one test can be taken. The kind given to a patient is based on what the practitioner wants to assess. Exams of this kind are meant to test limits for the patients. That is, they can expect some parts to be challenging. Most times these tests will involve the patients completing certain tasks or answering a set of questions. Tests are conducted with special objects, computers, or with standard paper and pencil.

Some of these tests are meant to check attention span and memory of patients. Others will test their skills when it comes to both language and speech. There are even ones that are centered on checking the reasoning, organizing and planning abilities of an individual. People commonly get nervous before taking these tests, which is to be expected.

Results provide information on the capability of a patient when it comes to remembering, thinking and reasoning. Doctors should take out time to explain the results in a way that their patients understand them clearly. Often it will take several weeks to receive the complete and official results.

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