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By Freida Michael
People agree that horses are one of best animals in the world. They are used for racing, for war or for hobby. They are most valued because of their uniqueness, strength and beauty. Equines are known to be one of the most amazing animals in the world because of their qualities. And all of these qualities are are studied carefully through DNA testing. For this reason, researchers have discovered something new about them.

Most of the species living on earth has their genetic codes that show a broad range of chromosomes in the cells. It is important for their metabolic functions, development and reproduction as well. Chromosomes are genes defining each section of the DNA spiral responsible for creating an individual trait. In order to understand about horses, breeders consider DNA testing for horses.

As you can see, DNA tests can save most of your time, effort and money on recording such information manually whist allowing you to improve productivity through genetic gains coming from recording precise pedigrees. With the broad range of technologies today, parentage testing is the primary use of this technology for many breeders because the exact recording of pedigree is important for different aspects to make a successful breeding program.

The breeding process will also depend on the right parentage and to animals as well. This is the best way to allow the breeders to get the best cost of sales for equines and ensure that the pedigrees are check carefully. Genetic testing is also used in different commercial farming situations. It can be used to check horses, cattle or sheep.

It is also another tool to determine which male or female parents are turning out the highest producing offspring which can support to the decision making process and to improve its genetic gain. This is also a tool to identify the production traits and genes that would allow you to remove the animals with genetic abnormalities and target breeding for certain traits.

Also, it is necessary to deal with professional service providers like vets when conducting the testing process. Since there are lots of options available out there, it is hard for anyone to choose the right one. Proper selection of professional is helpful to develop the health condition of the horses, improve productivity and enhance their overall welfare. Accurate identification for parentage is also vital to several animal owners regarding to its reproductive growth.

Tests are also available for various species which include dogs, sheep, birds and horses. Most of these professionals can provide and conduct the screening tests for possible inherited diseases. This way, they can detect any possible effects on the production and conservation aspect as early as they could.

They also evaluate and develop other genetic tests for inherited traits. Basically, they perform the screening and testing for potential diseases and determining their sex. Testing method prevents the spread of any fatal diseases through the group of animals.

This is because, some of these diseases can be passed to human, thus proper control is essential. Once you understand everything about the process, you are rest assured that everything can be controlled and improve productivity of your equine. This way, you are able to save expenses and to increase your sales in the future with proper care.

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The Significance Of DNA Testing For Horses

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