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By Beverly C. Ralph
Many people have interest in alternative forms of medicine and healing. Reiki is a practice that falls under this classification. This is a Japanese technique that has been used for many years to promote wellness and peace within people. It is practiced by many individuals and can be learned by anyone. Many people interested interested in this process might want to know more about Reiki attunement Portland Oregon.

Anyone who wants to learn this is able to do so. It is not something that takes years to master. In fact, this is passed on from a teacher to his or her student through simple lessons. Many consider this a pure form of healing that involves tapping into positive energies. Although a spiritual process, this is not linked to a specific faith or religious system.

A Reiki master is the individual who is tasked with teaching these techniques to students through this process. This is when the crown, palm and heart chakras are opened up to create a link between the Reiki source and a student. Many consider this a powerful experience in which attunement energies can be channeled to students through masters.

The process is said to increase psychic sensitivity in a person. Many students feel as if this opens up their third eye, increasing their overall awareness and abilities. Once a person has done this, he or she will have it for life. It is not something that wears off or is lost over time.

Usually the process starts with cleansing of the physical self, mind and emotions. This is when toxins from the body are released, as well as negative feelings or thought patterns. Purification is usually done ahead of attunement as a way to improve the results of the process.

A lot may be done to prepare for this process and improve finally results. People are encouraged to stop eating fish, fowl or meat for three days before the session. These typically contain drugs, pesticides and other harmful components that can negatively effect the system and cause imbalance. Juice or water fasts may be beneficial to do in advance of attunement.

People should minimize consumption of drinks with caffeine, such as coffee. These things can through off balance within the nervous and endocrine systems. Limiting or eliminating smoking, watching TV or checking other news publications, alcohol and sweets. Instead, they should spend more time in nature, exercise, go on walks, meditated, release negativity, and become more aware. These small changes can be done before attunement in order to improve results, although everyone will respond to this practice in their own way.

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