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By Jason Kordobu
There are any number of foot and ankle disorders that can cause pain. An ankle can be twisted and cause immediate and future problems. An ankle can be turned inward and sprained by stepping on a stone or wearing unstable shoes. The advice of a Cambridge ON Chiropractor includes precautionary measures as well as adjustments to the feet.

There are shoe styles that actually put women at risk for such an injury. Although a break is not common, the ligaments in the ankle might be torn. There may be bruising that does not heal for over a month. Even when healing is complete, there might be scar tissue that remains.

Metatarsalgia is a condition in which the ball of the foot is irritated or injured. It is felt on the sole of the foot where the short toe bones join the metatarsal bones. These can be out of place, causing pain. A pair of stiletto heels or a stress fracture incurred during a sporting event can be the cause.

Pain on the top of your feet is sometimes due to irritated joints in the toes. It is also a result of unusually high arches on your feet. Mechanical stress or misalignment can be responsible for pain on the inside or outside surfaces of the feet as well. Tight-fitting shoes may also cause it.

The tendon at the heel of the foot is named the Achilles tendon. Tendonitis occurs in this location due to strain and abnormal movements, usually during a sporting competition. The repeated stress can lead to development of Achilles tendonitis over a long period of time.

It is not immediately obvious that when the foot bones are misaligned it can cause problematic conditions all the way up to the lower back. The knees may be affected. The joints in the hips can also feel the pain. The chiropractor will be aware of any relationship between foot problems and those present in the other places. When the bones in your feet are positioned correctly the other problems will be alleviated.

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