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By Ericka Marsh
A wetsuit constitutes an integral part of those people who engage in surfing and diving. Ocean water can be icy even during a hot period of the year. In this regard, a proper wetsuit helps in keeping a diver warm as they have fun underwater. A rinse of the inner and outer layers of the diving wear using fresh water after each session keeps bacteria and odours away. However, there is a formal manner of how to clean a wetsuit that keeps it in optimum conditions.

The underwater suits are made of a material called neoprene. This material has specific products that help maintain its condition while keeping it clean. In order to wash neoprene, a special shampoo sells at diving and surf stores. Other things needed to clean and maintain the suit material includes a wide hanger and zipper lubricant.

We should start the process using lukewarm water to fill a bathtub. To this, we ought to add the requisite neoprene wetsuit cleaning shampoo. Half an ounce of this kind of shampoo is commonly recommended for each gallon of intrepid water. We must however remember to scrutinize the instructions appearing on the labeling of the shampoo bottle to identify the right mix.

Gently swishing around the wetsuit in the shampooed water is your next step. This swishing removes any debris or sand from your suit. You should make sure the water gets to every crook and cranny of inner parts of a suit. Next comes thoroughly rinsing the suit using a fresh round of trepid water. Remember to rinse the inside of this suit too. Your shower jet is the most preferred means of doing this.

We should hang out the suit on the shower rod using a wide hanger once we are done with rinsing. This enables the suit to drip dry. Once water has dripped off, we should hang this suit away from the humidity and wetness in our bathroom completing the process of drying. We must keep the wetsuit away from strong sunlight. The reason is that sun rays cause premature wearing out for our suit.

Finally, we have to squeeze a small amount of zipper lubricant to both sides of the zipper. We have to concentrate on the suits outer teeth. We should then close and reopen the zipper several times ensuring the lubricant reaches every section of the zipper. If we use our suit regularly, the recommendation is that we have to wash it at least twice each month.

Under no circumstance should you wash your wetsuit in a washing machine. Washing machines cause severe damages to wetsuits. You can apply deodorant to disinfect as well as keep at bay bad odours from your suit. Remember never to fold the suit but rather to hang it when you are not using it. Folding leads to creases. Creases lead to cracks and cracks lead to tearing. Always use a beefy hanger rather than thin wire types of hangers. Thin wire types dig into your suit creating cracks.

Cleaning our wetsuits is not complicated, which is a good thing. With the use of these maintenance and cleaning routines, we are assured of long service from our suits.

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Introduction To Basic On How To Clean A Wetsuit

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