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By Carmella Isenhour
An individual with poor posture over a period of time may develop structural problems that lead to pain. One example is the condition known as forward head posture. It can lead to pain, including headaches at the base of the skull. An appointment with a Lancaster Chiropractic professional will provide a clear explanation of the condition and how to care for it.

Consider the side view of a person with good posture. His ear is going to be aligned perfectly with the middle of his shoulder. Someone with poor posture will have the head in a forward position, which causes the vertebrae in the neck and upper back to be out of line. Undue pressure is exerted against nerves in that area causing the spine to be in an incorrect position.

It is these muscles, the suboccipitals, that prevent the chin from dropping to the level of the chest. When they are continuously contracted, pressure is exerted on the three suboccipital nerves. This pressure can result in headaches.

Studies have shown that a forward head posture adds leverage that may force the entire spine into an incorrect position. This often leads to the formation of a dowagers hump, a lump in the back between the shoulder blades. It can, in addition, interfere with the clients breathing.

Upper cervical chiropractic intervention is optimal for realigning the upper neck bones with the skull. This correction can gradually return the bones to their proper position. However, the chiropractor must first do an evaluation to rule out other causes.

Your first office visit will be spent compiling a medical history. An examination will be done on the entire spine. An x-ray will be used to clarify your condition.

Manual adjustments are optimal for correcting any spinal misalignment. A series of appointments will be arranged to administer them. You may also receive a specifically-designed exercise routine to follow at home between appointments. Your chiropractor will provide the advice and hands-on care to realign your spine and maintain your spinal health in the future.

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