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By Ericka Marsh
Nashville, Tennessee is the legendary home of country music. It is a tourist haven for those seeking to meet their musical heroes and line dance the night away. Most people do not realize that it is also a destination for the nature lover and adventure seeker. To find the best canoe trips Nashville has to offer check online for small family companies with local knowledge.

The area lies in the Nashville Basin which collects water from the surrounding mountain ranges. There are lots of rivers and lakes, gorges and streams. Just a few miles from the city are waterways offering excellent fishing, kayaking, bird watching and wildlife experiences. The best times to visit are in spring and autumn when the weather is hot but not too humid. Summer tends to be extremely hot.

Canoe trips can last from an hour to several days. For short trips it is possible to turn up and have a quick paddle at many places. Some rivers have campsites along their banks and companies can organize tours for groups and families which include all the camping equipment and safety gear needed.

The lakes in the area offer a number of different opportunities for canoeing. Percy Priest Lake, for example has loads of amenities for families and sports lovers. They have a kayak assault course, boat ramps, old-fashioned paddle boats, party boats, jet skis and other water sports. There are camp grounds and lots of places for fishing, perfect for a longer vacation.

If you enjoy wildlife watching the region has several national parks and beautiful forests to see deer, otters and beavers. Bird watchers will not be disappointed by the opportunities for sightings in Nashville. There are plenty of local species and migratory birds too. The Cumberland River is a favorite for bird groups.

For some slow paddling interspersed with gentle rapids head to the Harpeth River. It has 125 miles of unbroken canoeing surrounded by lush forests, farmlands and perfect campsites. Trips can take several days or just one day but be sure to arrive early to get a full day on the river. Boats have to be out of the water by dusk.

Those looking for fishing opportunities will not be disappointed. There are a bunch of well stocked lakes including Marrowbone, Watauga . There is also plenty of fishing in the rivers from a canoe or the bank. Bass, Tennessee Stripers and Crappie are all in abundance and local guides can advise where to catch them. The state actually boasts over three hundred species of fish so less well know catches are also possible. Licenses can be purchased online.

Nashville offers so much more than music to its visitors. There are lots of parks and green spaces within the city and then just outside is a natural wonderland. The rivers and lakes of the Nashville Basin are perfect for canoeing trips of all kinds. There are places for family vacations and plenty of adventure on offer too. Line dancing by night and paddling by day, that sounds like a fun vacation.

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