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By Alxa Roffel
The creation of the chemicals is an integral part of the human lifestyle. Chemicals are found in a vast range of products starting from furniture to clothing and toiletries to electrical appliances, car interiors, cleaning product and various other products. The products have definitely improved our lifestyle but the fact cannot be ignored that they can cause serious harm to our health too.

They can be critically dangerous to human wellbeing as they may be able to persist in the atmosphere for very long time and enter the bodies of the human beings and even the animals. The progress of chemicals has affected the individuals and ecosystems of the whole world and it’s being contaminated with more chemicals.

The chemicals such as DDT and PCBs which although being banned is still been used throughout the whole world. In recent years other chemical compounds such as brominated flame retardants and perflourinated chemicals have joined the lists of harmful chemicals which are found throughout the globe.

Some of the chemicals can also cause hormonal disturbances in the body- these are known as “endocrine disrupting” chemicals. Example-phthalates, which was earlier used to soften plastics and now found in numerous consumer products, starting rom vinyl flooring to cosmetic products.

There are quite a lot of proof discovered which proves the antagonistic effect of chemicals on wildlife species. Research and experiences have proved that humans in all places of the globe are constantly uncovered to the sort of hazardous chemical compounds which are determined in different parts of the world.

The corporation should take care concerning the health of the workers, they must be supplied with suitable gear for working, and in addition with different predominant things essential for them as they’re those who are uncovered to the chemicals.

The chemical scientists are getting extremely concerned about the growing health issues due to the chemicals. The evidences prove that the chemicals are causing harmful effects to both the human body and the wildlife. Continuous efforts are made to reduce the chemical pollution from the environment. There is no particular data available to assess the potential impact of the chemicals today. The effects of the chemicals are of two types; the short term exposure cause direct and immediate effect but there are more concern about the long term exposure to such chemicals especially on the growing foetus, infants and young children .

There is different limitation which is more challenging in comparison with the utilization of chemical products, that they continue to infect the global environment and likewise the meals we devour. There are safer possible choices that can be used in the situation of the damaging chemical substances. The efforts of reducing the usage of hazardous chemical substances are entering into vain as we continue to make use of the damaging merchandise knowing that there are safer choices. One should refuse to make use of dangerous chemical products and as a substitute of turn themselves to the utilization of alternative and comparably safer alternatives.

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Chemical Study- The Harmfulness Of Chemical Compounds

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