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By Tammie Caldwell
Several years ago, physicians from the eastern side of Asia learnt that psychological stresses will result in different energy. Needles are introduced into the body and worked on from various points in the body so that the brain can release endorphins that are in the brain. The function of the acupuncture therapy in Newtown PA is to restore the bodys natural balance.

How does it make one feel? If you have never gone through an acupuncture treatment, you might think it is like the injections you get when you visit the doctor. They are not the same. The needles used are so flexible and they are very thin compared to hair. When injected into your body, you will experience sensations similar to electrical ones.

During your first visit, you will be asked to complete an intake form that is comprehensive. The questions will be about your current health condition, your past illnesses and even your family medical history. It is important for the expert to take all these into account so as to best come up with a way to help you with the treatment as to the points used for entry.

How many treatments does one need? You will definitely need more than one treatment because for it to work you have to go for several since its cumulative. For the acute conditions, you should expect not less than 10 to 15 treatments. One will start feeling relief after several treatments. If it is chronic condition, then you will need more.

Is the technique a safe one? The acupuncturists undergo education at the same time extensive training about the clean needle technique so it means you will be under the hands of professionals. They also study the human anatomy which means they know what they are doing and cannot expose the body to more medical complications due to incompetence. They are licensed and have been certified by the NCCAOM.

What exactly does it treat? First, this technique works by triggering the bodys own therapeutic powers. According to many clinical trial trials, there have been many diseases, symptoms and even several conditions that have been treated through acupuncture. There are several types of pain like muscle pain, knee pain, back pain and even headaches.

It is wise not to take any type of painkillers before going for a session. The body has to feel everything so as to get the most out of the treatment. Also, do not take any type of processed of sugars immediately after the treatment since they put the body into a switched off state. Before going for the treatment it is not advisable to eat a huge meal.

Acupuncture has progressed over the past years and has been recognized as the most successful form of cure worldwide. It does not have any chemical, it is always effective and safe to use. It encourages the bodys own healing capabilities and does not have any side effects. This treatment which is meant for stress pain and allergies is preventive, treats and relieves pain.

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