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By Carey Bourdier
Engineering is a vast field with many different disciplines, so if you would like to have a career in engineering, there are many different job choices to consider. There are four main types of engineering, which include civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Within each of these groupings are a wide variety of subsets, each of which provides ample career opportunities.

Under the umbrella of chemical engineering, there are several different options. Some people concentrate on molecular or biomolecular engineering, in which you are a scientist responsible for creating molecules for various types of medical research. Your work in biotechnology could include identifying the cause of serious diseases and disorders and even creating vaccines or medical treatments to combat those problems. Materials engineers study the structures of many different types of materials, including ceramics, glass, metals, polymers and semiconductors. Another type of chemical engineer is a process engineer, and this person studies subjects such as the production of paper, plastics and petroleum. As these are three products used in just about every industry, the process engineer is often in high demand.

Civil engineers are typically the ones we see most often. Sometimes they will be out working on a construction site with a theodolite or clinometers, making sure that buildings or roads are constructed safely. Among the many types of civil engineers are structural engineers, which help make sure that the design of buildings, homes, roads and bridges can withstand a variety of conditions, from general ground settling to seismic activity. Environmental engineers design systems that limit the impact on the environment and this might include designing a new subdivision or creating a process to maintain local water sources.

Electronics is another type of engineering, and these electrical engineers deal with electricity and electronics, as well as electromagnetism. This type also includes computer engineering and the design of hardware as well as software. Optical engineers are among this group and deal with systems that use electromagnetic radiation. Other electrical engineers design circuits, while others design items such as generators and transformers.

Finally, there are also mechanical engineers, and this type of engineer handles many interesting tasks. Aerospace engineers are mechanical engineers that design systems for aerial vehicles, such as those that head out into space. Vehicle engineers are part of this branch, and they are divided mostly into two groups – automotive engineer and naval architecture. Thermal engineers are another group, dealing with heating and cooling systems. Manufacturing engineers create all sorts of machinery and production systems.

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