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By Meeri Banks
The ability of a placebo to bring about amazing cures is well-known, the nocebo effect, where our beliefs harm us, is less familiar, but far more common. In fact, some people believe that all disease originates in the mind. This is why you can cure diseases using hypnosis or other mental techniques such as faith healing to treat people.

But faith healers go beyond this: people have been cured even though they doubted whether the treatment would work. And sometimes there is no cure, because the patient has strong subconscious beliefs which prevent it. Another factor is that you must change your habits of thought to prevent a recurrence of this or another problem.

Modern energy healing is related to this type of treatment: Basically, your beliefs cause blockages in your energy fields which lead to disease. Unblocking your energy meridians by stimulating the right points can instantly remove the problem. Resistance is also a problem here, and you often need to treat for any beliefs which are preventing healing from taking place.

The same effect applies to conventional doctors: those with a good bedside manner can inspire their patients to recover. It is known that doctors who are unable to convince patients that they know what they are doing have a much lower success rate. Their patients may still recover, but perhaps not so quickly or successfully as when they trust their doctors.

The good news is that you can also learn to heal people using these methods. There are a number of courses available, and there is sure to be one that will suit your needs. Knowing how to heal others is very satisfying and will improve your sense of self-worth, while your friends or family will benefit and you might even take it up professionally.

You can even treat yourself, although some people do find that they resist their own treatments work. While it is possible to cure yourself, many people need to hand the task to do so over to others for this reason. You will certainly be able to treat members of your family, and the course encourages a greater feeling of empathy.

Healing by using the beliefs of the patient is the modern way to handle disease. Rather than trying to physically fix the problem, you address the root cause. Because you become aware how detrimental your habitual pattern of thoughts can be, this form of healing can change tour whole life.

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