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By Toni Vang
During the morning and sometimes afternoon following the usage of the product, you will have a lot of watery bowel movements. These mostly consist of gallstones that are mixed with food residue and then stones mixed with liquid or water. Most gallstones are colored pea-green and they usually float in the toilet because of bile compounds.

The stones are in the form of any color like green and other bright-colored or shiny form of gemstones. The bile with the aid of liver flush can make it look green. Gallstones are in various colors, sizes as well as shapes. The light-colored stone is also considered the newest. Those dark-green are considered the oldest.

Some are smaller or pea-sized and others are as big as an inch in diameter. There could also be dozens of them and others have different colors and sizes. You should also watch for those white and tan-colored stones. Some of those larger tan or white colored product may totally sink to the bottom together with the stool.

The materials are indeed known as calcified gallstones, which need to be released from the gallbladder. They usually contain toxic and heavy substances with just a very small amount of cholesterol. Both yellow and green stones are soft because of apple juice that someone has taken. You can also notice those tan or white materials after.

The foam mostly consist of white crystals, which are made of cholesterol that can destroy the small bile duct. These are very significant to help in removing those harmful materials and to aid in the functioning of the system. You must make an excellent estimate of the materials that you should eliminate. To cure the allergies and pains, you should ensure to eliminate them right away.

The entire process requires at most twelve flushes to be done every after 3 weeks or by every after each month. It depends on how you do it. You must not do it more than what you require. The entire break between each flush can include the whole preparation of the procedures. It should start after how many weeks.

If you cannot flush it, you can take more time between those flushes. The vital thing to remember is that once you start it, you must keep cleansing it until there are no more stones during consecutive flushes. Leaving your liver half clean for a long time can cause discomfort than not doing anything at all.

The liver can function fully and more effectively after the first process and you surely can notice the improvement within few hours. The pains will be lessened and the energy will definitely increase. Clean your mind and know the right thing to do. Consider the advantages of performing the procedures. Put in mind to do the processes and get the correct outcome.

The discussed points are only few of the many things to consider. You really have to take into consideration the importance of the process and the act of doing it. The process must be done correctly to get the expected outcome. You must remember not to do the cleansing when you are suffering from any acute illness even when it is just a simple cold.

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