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By Stella Gay
All women need to see a specialist concerning their cycle as some or other time in their lives. It can be very overwhelming as well as frightening. Many may not be able to make this visit as it can be expensive compared to visiting a normal general practitioner. There are OB GYN Belize experts, as there are in all countries, and many will make an exception depending on the severity of the problem.

Not many people know the difference between an Obstetrician and a Gynecologist. An Obstetrician is a doctor that specializes in the delivery of babies while the Gynecologist is more into the treating of any disease that is associated with the female reproductive organs. These two are generally combined. Many will tell patients that they are privileged to attend a birthday party nearly every single day.

When visiting one’s doctor the most important thing to remember is that there is really no reason to be shy. They have seen that part of the anatomy so many times it is now natural to them, no matter how unnatural it will feel to the woman on the table. Many woman prefer to go to a woman gynecologist as it makes them feel more at ease, many men doctors also have a wonderful bedside manner.

While still in school Chemistry is a must as one will be introduced to this while in pre med college. It will give the students experience in dealing with chemistry research and samples and will also introduce topics such as acid bases, elements, chemical equations and compounds. Still in school one might even be able to take an advanced placement in chemistry depending on the school’s curriculum.

The Dental care is of high standard as the trained surgeons mainly come over from the United States. It is not as expensive as it would be in North America as it is not a very rich part of the world. A crown will set one back about three hundred and fifty American dollars and a filling about forty American dollars, depending on the materials that will be used.

Many young girls are taking some or other form of contraceptive not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies but also for a way to prevent acne. Unfortunately all medications will have some side effects and this goes for these pills, etc as well. Before deciding that the one they are on now does not work well for them, give it a three month trial period first.

Once that has been completed one will then need to pass the Medical College Admissions Test in order to get into medical school. This exam is a very long full day and will be on physics, chemistry and biology. The Association of American Medical Colleges say that about half of the students that have applied to some medical school are accepted which makes many of them begin their college graduation exam preparations well in advance.

Having a low sex drive is normal especially after having a baby. There are many reasons for this and seeing a therapist can help with the situation. This is especially true for those that have reached menopause.

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