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By Joanna Walsh
Massage is helpful for a lot of conditions, not only for sore and painful muscles. Studies are constantly discovering new benefits to therapy of this type. When you’re looking for massage therapy Maple Ridge, BC is a great place to be.

Even so, a lot of people do first think about going for a massage when they’re experiencing muscle tension or pain. And it certainly can help with that. When you do have problems that need solving, it’s especially important to find a therapist with proper training and experience.

It takes proper training to work out muscle tension effectively and safely. It also takes proper training and experience to know when problems should be referred to a different type of practitioner, or for a diagnostic exam. You want to know that the person you are seeing is going to give you the best advice possible for your condition.

Many times, problems require some sort of deep tissue massage, rather than a session that is purely relaxing. Therapists who are skilled in deep tissue understand how to work the problem area, get tension to let go, and to relieve pain. They are also able to advise you as to what you can do yourself to keep the issue from returning.

Although massage is fantastic for working out muscle tension and pain, it is actually even better when you use it preventatively. It helps to get the circulation moving, to relax the nervous system, and to keep muscle tension from building up. In this way, you have a better chance of staying healthy and pain-free.

It’s much more enjoyable as well to receive bodywork when you’re muscles aren’t already inflamed. While your tension may seem to come on suddenly, it’s usually been building over quite some time. Therefore, if you wait until you feel it to get it massaged, you may need regular treatments even on a weekly basis, until your body gets to a point where it feels really good.

However, if you put bodywork into your ongoing schedule, on a monthly basis at least, tightness can be kept from increasing to the degree where it causes pain and restricted movement. Especially as the negative results are not just these, but also can require cancellation of normal activities.

An additional benefit that regular bodywork brings is that it helps keep stress from building up. Doctors now often agree that stress is an underlying factor in a lot of today’s illnesses. Consistent appointments with your therapist is one further method of keeping your stress down and your immune system strong.

There are any different types of massages, so if you don’t find that you love Swedish or deep tissue, which are the most commonly offered, try something else. Many people find that they prefer Thai or Shiatsu, which incorporates more stretching. There are also other types of acupressure massages.

Whatever kind is your preference, when you want to find massage therapy you have options. Call one of them today and ask about the types of massages they offer. If you’re in pain, they’ll be able to help. If you’re not, they can get you started with a wellness program right away.

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