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By Aimee Schwartz
Picture those hot days when there is a heat wave in town and the temperatures are literally too hot to handle. A fan will not even do you justice. This means you may be thinking of having a pool. Owning one means cleaning it up every so often. This is where pool cleaning chemicals come in. They help the water go back to its original good state.

You can come across different pool structures in the Ottawa, ON area. This normally sets the pace of how maintenance needs to be. To ensure cleanliness regular maintenance should be done. This can either be done by you or the company workers you have hired to do this for you. For chemicals to work effectively their proportions need to be right.

You should know that pathogens thrive in water. If you choose to ignore maintenance practices, you will be creating an environment for them. This is because there will be an area full of untreated water. If the chemical balance is not right you will notice your skin and eyes getting irritated. The water may also appear very cloudy

Chlorine is a common chemical that is normally used. It functions to kill bacteria and get rid of algae that may occur in water. This turns out as a way to ensure that the place is safe for swimming. It can also keep the walls and the bottom of your pool clean. Chlorine can also be mixed with other chemicals just to act as a disinfectant. It is also inexpensive.

This chemical is preferred as it gets into the organisms body and destroys it. When the number of people in a pool is likely to increase during a certain period, shocking is done. This is by increasing the level of chemical used by more than half. This is a way that is thoroughly used to help get rid of pathogenic problems. It should be done every month.

Another type used is referred to as bromine. It is similar to chlorine in the way it functions. It helps in sanitation by dealing with pathogens. This can be by attaching itself to debris and rendering it ineffective in terms of causing harm. This is a type of chemical that is easy to use. It becomes also beneficial because it is not expensive making it easily available.

Cloudy pools in Ottawa, ON are not pleasant to be in. They are also dangerous because one cannot notice if someone is struggling. For this reason clarifiers are normally used. They are simply for improving the cleanliness and clarity of water. Clarifiers work by causing debris to coagulate into larger particles. This makes them easy to be removed.

Algaecides are used to work on bacteria. You cannot completely get rid of algae because they can get into water quite easily. This is attributed to wind or individuals who come into the pool. Too much of them may clog up filters. This chemical is not hazardous when used in water. Another benefit to it is the fact that it turns out pocket friendly.

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