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By Lelia Hall
It is crucial to ensure that your house does not pose a risk of lead exposure. Lead is mineral naturally found on earth. It was also used to make pipes in the past but now used in gasohol and paints. This element is harmful to human beings and animals and can cause various health problems. If you suspect possible risk in your San Diego CA home, ensure that you contact a lead inspector in San Diego for assistance.

Lead can be found all around us. It can be found in the water, soil, air and at home. However, much of the exposure comes from human activities that include making of lead-based paints, gasoline, pipes, plumbing materials, ammunition, batteries, and cosmetics. These are items that we use in our daily activities increasing exposure.

Past and present lead uses can lead to increase in lead levels. High concentration of lead is found in areas around paint companies, mining sites, and lead smelters. Naturally the levels of lead range between 50 to 400 parts per million. Any amounts that are higher than this means the area is polluted.

Lead can cause poisoning kilometers from its production zone. Once lead is released from a vehicle or an industrial zone, it may travel through air and fall kilometers away. In this place, it mixes up with soil minerals to create certain elements. These elements may pollute the water through ground seepage. Authorities around the world have recognized this problem and have initiated programs to lower lead levels in the environment.

Children are at a risk since they absorb more lead than an average adult does. There are also more susceptible to damaging their brains and nervous system with lead poisoning. Expectant mothers are also at a risk since exposure to lead may cause harm to unborn babies. Both of these groups should keep away from highly contaminated areas such as houses under repair or near chipping paint.

Should you find that the house that you are renting has chipping paint, do not hesitate to contact the owner for assistance. All those chippings should be thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, you should ensure that all window sills and frames together with the floors are mopped once a week. A mop or paper towel with the household detergent would work best. Rinse the mops thoroughly after cleaning the surfaces. Take caution not to mix ammonia with bleaches when cleaning to avoid production of toxic gas.

Clean the children hands regularly with emphasis before eating or going to bed. Ensure that their play area is also clean. Take their play materials such as bottles, stuffed animals, and toys and clean them as fast as they get dirty. Keep them away from any chipping to prevent them from picking and eating them. Moreover, ensure that you do not enter the house with shoes and bring lead soil into the house.

Look for certified lead safe contractor to do the repairs in your house. Furthermore, should you feel that there is exposure to lead; such a contractor would help in cleaning up all the suspected surfaces. He is are in a position to advice on steps you would need to take to eliminate the risk.

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Steps To Safeguarding Your Home From Lead Using Lead Inspector In San Diego CA

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