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By Leslie Ball
In the beginning before all the developments in technology were experienced, there were very few elements. These were the basic elements in nature and people depended upon them to fulfill most of their needs. People got their food and other resources all from nature directly. The most effective tools for water well drilling are aimed at exploiting this resource further.

One of the most basic elements in our environment is the earth. This is the most present resource to man. It is available everywhere basically. Land is used in ventures such as building of the houses that people live in. It is also the place where people carry agriculture for the provision of food and other useful resources.

The earth was originally only one giant rock. This with time decomposed into the soils and earth that we live upon. It is very useful in mining as well. This is basically the extraction valuable materials from the ground. Some of the valuables that are mined from the ground include metals such as gold, copper, iron and many others. These are very usually in more ways than one can mention.

Air is also very important. Oxygen as a component of air is used in the breathing process for animals and plants too. Carbon dioxide is very important in photosynthesis. It is basically the process by which plants make their own food and store in various parts. Neon is also used in the making of electric bulbs for lighting our communities.

Water, H2O, is yet another of the pure elements. It has been used in the creation of several chemicals but none can be as useful as the itself. It is also described as life itself, this is due to the fact that eighty percent of the human body is fluid. In addition to cooking food, it is also used in cleaning and other sanitation and hygienic purposes.

This material in available in two major forms and has very many sources. Fresh H2O is acquired from the flowing rivers and streams. The fact that the H2O moves keeps it fresh at all times. Salty H2O on the other hand comes from the stagnated water bodies such as the lakes, seas and oceans too. Fresh H2O is used for the purpose of home consumption and other utilities.

In the arid places, H2O can be such a scarcity. People have to move from one place to another in order to secure enough for basic consumption. Such places require a different kind of water source. Usually a well is drilled into the ground in a place that has been sensed to have underground H2O. These places that need wells are those that either have no source of fresh H2O or there is a scarcity in rainfall and water is needed.

The task of creating such well is no simple fit and it requires a lot of resources. In addition to skilled manpower, it is also very important that all the necessary tools for the task are availed. After this then the digging and drilling procedure can start in order to provide a well for the community.

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